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Faction Creation

At anytime, a player may decide to found a faction. In order to proceed, several conditions must be fulfilled.

There must be at least 1active members not belonging to any other faction who will be ready and willing to join the new group. (You must have their consent.)

Upon creation, a faction needs the following:

  • An Original Name
  • Horizontal Banner (468 x 60 Pixels)
  • Vertical Banner (60 x 468 Pixels)
  • Logo (70 x 70 Pixels)
  • Faction Description (150 words in length)
  • An Active Leader (Last login less than 14 days ago)

A minimum capital is required to create a faction. The required capital depends directly of the faction's type. The capital may be composed of:

  • Cash (credits)
  • Ships
  • Vehicles
  • Facilities
  • Space Stations

The value of the material assets will be determined by their selling price on the market.

Assets to be used as capital for initial faction creation, including the 7x7 facility that gets converted into the relevant HQ facility, should have a tag added to them in the inventory prior to Faction creation. This tag should have the same name as the name of the faction you wish to create.

Failure to do so will mean that there will be no suitable assets for HQ conversion, and Faction creation will be impossible.

The faction's type must be defined at the creation. The possible types follow. Factions get access to the following facilities and stations as their basic entitlement, they do not take the form of data-cards and thus cannot be made over, copied or stolen.

Min Capital: 40,000,000

Registration: 25,000,000

Facility Assets:

Station Assets:

Min Capital: 60,000,000

Registration: 25,000,000

Facility Assets:

Vehicle Assets:

Droid Assets:

Item Assets:

Station Assets:

Min Capital: 30,000,000

Registration: 15,000,000

Facility Assets:

Ship Assets:

Item Assets:

Station Assets:

Min Capital: 20,000,000

Registration: 25,000,000

Facility Assets:

Station Assets:

Facilities available to all:

Stations available to all:

Upon creation, the faction will have to pay cash a few million credits as a registration fee. The fee cannot be deducted from the capital. The registration fee covers the following privileges:

  • Listing the faction in the factions list and factions pages
  • Posting on the GNS (information factions get a discount)
  • Allowing people to join and leave the faction
  • Providing global asset management to the faction

The registration fee is 15 million credits for the information and 25 millions credits for all other factions. In Addition, a 7x7 building is needed for the first HQ.

Once the conditions are filled and the registration fee paid, the faction will be created. The player that completed the Faction creation process will gain 1,000 XP. The faction will then be listed to the factions page and more players will be able to join it.

On the factions' page the following information will be listed:

  • Faction's name, type, description, website URL, banner and logo
  • Leader name, picture, email
  • Date of faction's foundation
  • If the faction is present on the Stock Exchange, then the stock value will be displayed.
  • If the faction is present on the Stock Exchange, the faction's capital will appear monthly on an economical report of the factions. The report will be posted automatically on the GNS.

The faction owner will have the ability to assign and change the faction leader at anytime. By default, the owner is the leader until a leader is assigned.

The faction leader has the ability to manage the faction. This includes assets and membership management.

When a new faction is created, this is automatically announced on GNS, naming the leader and type of the faction and the city where its first HQ is located. The administration will not give any material bonus upon creation.

On top of that, the faction will receive one Headquarters facility. The headquarters will serve as automatic starting location for the faction's member. The headquarters also has a beneficial effect on the planet statistics.

When a Faction builds a Headquarters facility it is essentially providing a starting location for its members. This allows all new players joining that faction to start inside this headquarters if they haven't already selected a starting location. A faction can have multiple Headquarters facilities, but only when a faction reaches 20 active members, it may build a 2nd headquarters facility. For every additional 20 active members a faction has it may build an additional Headquarters facility.

5 active members gets you 1 HQ
20 active members gets you 2 HQ facilities
40 active members gets you 3 HQ facilities
55 active members gets you 3 HQ facilities too
If the faction's active membership drops below a multiple of 20, and they already have a headquarters, then the headquarters facility will not be destroyed.
85 active members and 4 HQ means you can select any of them as starting location
65 active members and 4 HQ means you can still select any of them as starting location
Freelancers will be allowed to choose their starting location from the NPC headquarters facility on their home world (Kashyyyk for Wookiees, Mon Calamari for Calamarian, Kuat for Kuati...).

If a faction has atleast one HQ, atleast one of the HQ facilities must be set to "Open To All" or "Open To Faction".

When a faction is created the faction's owner may be a character as well as another faction. The owner has the ability to appoint and remove faction's leaders. The owner has also the ability to give away the faction to another character or faction.

If the faction is part of the Stock Exchange, the owner is defined as the character or faction owning more than 51% of the faction stocks.

The faction owner may also decide at anytime to change the name of the faction for a price of 15,000,000credits.

If the faction has stocks they go to the market and the leader is informed immediately, if not then the leader becomes the owner.

Leadership goes to whoever has Level 2 'Assign Faction Privileges'. If no one has it then the member with the highest privileges becomes leader.

The government type cannot be selected from the start. Your faction may become a government if it fills the following conditions:

  • Your faction owns at least 50% of the flats on at least 5 planets.
  • Your faction controls at least 1 sector.
  • The total controlled population exceeds 100,000,000 inhabitants.
  • Your faction has at least 1 active members.
  • Your faction must have a capital of at least 500,000,000 credits.
  • The faction's owner must own at least 95% of the faction stocks.
  • Upgrading to the government status will cost 40,000,000 credits to the faction. This fee includes the administrative setup and the cost of the status upgrade.

If you succeed in becoming a government, all your existing HQ facilities will be automatically transformed into Government Houses and you will be able to construct some more facilities. Constructing a Palace or Government House on a planet will allow you to change the tax level of the planet.

Upon becoming a government, all faction stocks (if any) are deleted. The newly formed government will immediately and automatically pay the owner of the remaining 5% stocks at the rate of 1.5x the stock value. All stocks are then deleted.

Finally, the initial membership of the faction is reset to the number of members that the faction has when becoming a government.

Governments have no owner and so cannot be sold.

Governments must continuously fulfil the several conditions in order to maintain their status.

  • The conditions concerning the number of planets, sectors, and population under their control;
  • The government has at least 1 active members.
  • The government has a capital of at least 500,000,000 credits.

If these conditions are not met for 25 days, then the government will be transformed back into its previous faction type.

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