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Registering as a multi, reporting abuse, and anything requiring ASim or admin assistance.
The Guide
A general Guide to the Combine. Includes "How To's", reference sheets and various gameplay guides.
Frequently Asked Questions
A list of frequently asked questions from new players.
Live IRC Help - bugs, errors and joining problems
irc:// - Web-based Client
If you don't have an IRC client installed you can use our Java client here, or download an IRC client like mIRC (
Question Centre
Visit the Question Centre if you prefer to ask your questions on the forums to receive help from the community.
Bug Base
If you've encountered what you believe to be a bug please post it on the Bug Base. Please check to see if it has been reported first.

Departments to Contact

If you're unsure about who to contact, this covers the main departments. Otherwise you may always open a ticket through the Star Wars Combine :: Help Desk.

Erek Flast, Gav, Mikel Mikel
Missing images, out-of-date images, applying to join the art team
Assistant Sim Masters
Gav, Mikel Mikel, Kendall Holm, Loki, Kyle Rainer, Eve, Olwin Dev, Zhao Yun, Hondo, Lilith von Vorsia, Penguin, Caait Catra, Kay Dallben, Mem Mem Mem, Togan, Veynom, Ruben Wan, Lane Rendell, April Woods, Oolii Ah, Kudic, Thor, ETJ, Ghost, Jim Frost, Xu Xlaar Vivan, Arjuna Ketwol, Hq Testa, Dail Dev, Lan, Erek Flast, Crueya Vandron, Flash Gordon, Kerri Manchester, Artemis Imperium, Kiie Two, Kathlen Stewart, Onasha Katr, Leon, Strife, Ichiru Hanabusa, Sir Fluke, Tyris Elensar, Sevk Ill`er, Ted Winner, Ulrike Schultz, Raidan Spike, Baugrems, Clarr Sorbo, Ma Csa, Xesh Randell, Jack Weegy, Lady Wiyyam, Sid Grams, Ling Reen, Tavarius Kalia, Victor O`Cuinn, Korian Petermind, Obi W Soares, Christine Apotheosis, Klinger, Tester Apotheosis, Marc Turelles, Throwaway Apotheosis, Master Soares, Tomas O`Cuinn, Argon Nightwish, Noctis Sentire, Clarr Klaubo
Deals with complaints against players, breaches of rules, cheating and anything that requires direct manipulation of the database
Erek Flast, Gav, Mikel Mikel
Submitting new or updated descriptions, rewording of current content
Public Relations
Erek Flast, Gav, Mikel Mikel
Media enquiries
Sim Master
Zhao Yun
Baugrems, Erek Flast, Gav, Kendall Holm, Kyle Rainer, Loki, Mikel Mikel, Togan, Veynom, Zhao Yun
Syn, Selatos
White Scenarios
Syn, Roan Axios

How Can I Help?

If you want to help out in creating the game here are the people to talk to. Contact details above.

Programming Team The game is being created using PHP/mySQL. If you have experience in this and would like to help out please post in the Programming Talk forum.
Art Team Anyone with a talent for 2D or 3D computer graphics is welcome.
Descriptions Team Writing descriptions for ships, vehicles, etc. and general writing assignments.
Suggestion Forums Suggestions, Website Suggestions, Galaxy Suggestions forums for suggestions on how to improve the game.
Rules Updates For reporting misspellings and rules inaccuracies, visit the Rules Updates forum.
Work For CPs Visit the Work For CPs forum to learn about specific projects with which you can assist for rewards.


Message Centre
Forum for discussion of things varying from the development of the game, suggestions for improvement, general discussion, and more.
RPG Centre
Forum for roleplaying scenarios and for commerce.
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