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There are a few conditions which must be met before construction may begin.
  • Be on the planet or in an entity on the planet (must be commander or pilot of the entity)
  • Be on the ground where you would like the city to be placed
  • Terrain must be other than lava
  • No city may currently reside in the construction spot
  • Owning enough credits (1.5 million credits *MINIMUM*)
  • Obtaining the planet government's permission*
  • Having enough faction privilege (Facility Privilege Level 2)**

* Unless the planet's government is the faction you belong to and you have sufficient privileges. In that case, an event is generated for the faction's leaders.
** Only required if you are building the city for the faction with the faction's funds.

It takes a period of one hour to construct a city, during which time you cannot move.
Below is a list of prices you must pay to build on certain terrain. Note that the price to build a Hidden City is doubled. Hidden Cities are hidden unless a character is flying in atmosphere above the city, or if the character is inside the city. Cities built on caves are automatically hidden.
Terrain Normal Price Hidden Price
Desert 1.5 Million 3 Million
Grass 1.5 Million 3 Million
Rock 1.5 Million 3 Million
Forest 1.5 Million 3 Million
Jungle 1.8 Million 3.6 Million
Swamp 1.8 Million 3.6 Million
Mountain 1.8 Million 3.6 Million
Crater 1.8 Million 3.6 Million
Glacier 1.8 Million 3.6 Million
Water 2.1 Million 4.2 Million
Gas 2.5 Million 5 Million
Cave   3.6 Million
When building on any of the following types of planet the city cost is increased by 500,000 credits. Hot/No Atmosphere, Hot/Toxic, Cold/No Atmosphere, Cold/Toxic, Comet & Asteroid.

After being created, the value of a city remains directly proportional to its creation price and to the number of free squares inside the city. Free squares mean squares without any facility built on it.

City value after creation = (creation price) x (number of free square) / 484

Each square of the planetary map is also considered a grid. These grids squares are considered the terrains of the Combine.

Each terrain exists in two versions. One is a natural version, where you can move, and a city version, where you may build facilities.

In order to transform a natural terrain into a city, you must pay 1 500 000 credits.
If a character or faction tries to found a city at the location of an existing hidden city, then that city is discovered. The character or faction loses 20% of the city creation price to cover the expenditures. An automatic event is sent to that character or faction. The discovered city will lose its hidden characteristic.
In order to build a facility in a city, you must either own the city, ask the permission of the city owner, or if the city is a NPC city, you may build without permission.

List of terrains:
  • Black Hole Terrain
  • Cave
  • Crater
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Gas Giant
  • Glacier
  • Grassland
  • Jungle
  • Mountain
  • Ocean
  • River
  • Rock
  • Sun Terrain
  • Swamp
  • Volcanic
Hidden cities can be revealed by owners or those with 'Manage Facilities' level 4 or above.
In order for facilities to be operational they must be powered. Newly-constructed facilities will automatically connect to Power generators of the same owner, provided there is enough energy available to power them. Power generators can only provide power to facilities in the same city.

Newly constructed power generators will attempt to link to any existing power generators upon finishing construction, and will attempt to power any unpowered buildings in the city with the same owner.

If a facility is not powered, the following problems will occur:
  • Cannot provide income.
  • Cannot extract materials. (Mines, Alazhi Farms)
  • Cannot post GNS from inside the facility.
  • Cannot use the facility scanners.
  • Cannot produce equipment inside factories.
Available energy = 30 * (# of Power generator(s))

In the case that you have extra energy available for an unpowered facility, you will need to visit a Power generator with unused energy in that city. Shutting down a facility can be done in the same process of reaching the command room, clicking on actions, and finally clicking on the power button for the manage power interface. In order to access the power interface for a Power generator, you will need to satisfy one of the following conditions:
  • You are the operator.
  • You are the commander.
  • You are the owner, and you have Level 4 'Manage Facilities'.
  • Your faction is the commander, and you have Level 4 'Manage Facilities'.
  • Your faction is the owner, and you have level 4 'Manage Facilities'.

On the map, cities will appear as follow:
Powered Buildings Powered Buildings with NPC Starport Empty City

  • Shut down all facilities powered by Power Generator(s), and then systematically repower buildings, thus ensuring that no facility is powered more than once.
  • Build another Power Generator, which will provide 30 additional units of energy.
  • Shut down the power to one or more facilities that you do not need at the moment.
When constructing facilities in a city, pausing construction so Power Generator(s) finish first can be helpfull.
Empty cities (those with no facilities in them) can be recycled. The cost of recycling is one tenth of the city creation cost. To recycle a city, you must be in a recycling vehicle owned by the same recycling faction that owns the city. See the Recycling Rules for more details.
Empty cities that have been unoccupied by facilities for three (3) months will suffer decay, and will be removed.
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